Repair & Refurbish

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Why spend thousands of dollars on a new machine, when we can save you money & bring your old machine back to life!

Coffee Machine Repair Calgary specializes in residential, commercial & industrial repairs. We analyze, assess, pin point the issue and fix the problem.

Who needs it? And why?

Owning an espresso machine, brewing unit or a grinder will require maintenance throughout its life…  Like any equipment it will perform better, last longer and breakdown less if it is maintained regularly & correctly. A perfect cup of coffee requires good running & well maintained equipment, no lime-scale build up, no broken seals and no internal leakage.  Temperature and pressure setting both need to be correct.

Here are some of the services we offer.

key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512DISMANTLE AND CLEAN ALL WATER PORTS
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512DISMANTLE AND CLEAN ALL INTERNAL FILTERS
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512DISMANTLE AND REPLACE ALL WORN RUBBER PARTS IN THE VALVES
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512BOILER DESCALING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512HEAT EXCHANGE DESCALING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512HEATING ELEMENT DESCALING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512GROUP HEAD DESCALING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512CHECKING WATER / BOILER PRESSURE MANOMETER

key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512CHECKING ELECTRIC / ELECTRONIC PARTS
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512MEASURING AND ADJUSTING PUMP PRESSURE
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512MEASURING AND ADJUSTING BOILER PRESSURE
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512GROUP HEAD GASKETS REPLACING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512SHOWER HEAD REPLACING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512FILTERS REPLACING
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512DEEP CLEANING OF ALL STAINLESS STEEL PARTS
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512ANTI RUST TREATMENT TO ALL RUSTY PARTS

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