PM Program

Preventative maintenance

Coffee Machine Repair Calgary offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves in offering honest, reliable & prompt services.

Preventative Maintenance is an annual or bi-annual service routine to protect your equipment & investment. This consists of providing an inspection to detect, correct & replace or fix any of the machines components that could fail or become a problem, helping to prevent & correct any deficiencies. Our specialized technicians will inspect, adjust repair & replace worn parts as required of the incipient failures before they occur or develop into major defects.

Coffee Machine Repair Calgary uses the most up to date technology, we can review your equipment information, keep track of your service history in our record to give you the most accurate and updated service history for your equipment. Preventative maintenance is crucial to the success of perfect coffee making in any reputable coffee business.

PM Program (Loaner available upon request in the event of any breakdown)

Here are some of the services we offer.

key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512HEAD GASKET REPLACEMENT ON EACH GROUP AS REQUIRED
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512SHOWER SCREEN REPLACEMENT ON EACH GROUP AS REQUIRED
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512REBUILD OR CHANGE SOLENOID VALVE AS REQUIRES
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512INSPECT & REPLACE SAFETY VALVES INSPECTION IF REQUIRED
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512TESTING, CLEAN CONTACT, ADJUST PRESSURE SWITCH
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512TESTING WATER PUMP GROUP SEAL, GROUP VALVE
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512LEVEL PROBE, CLEANING & DESCALE
key_wrench_spanner_tool_instrument_implement-512EDUCATE CUSTOMER ADJUST & PROGRAM COFFEE LEVEL IF REQUIRED